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My interest in art began many years ago, when I began sketching Disney characters as a boy and using watercolors to paint them.

Starting in 1988, I began getting instruction in oil painting from local artists and have studied and painted on and off to the present time.  I use oil paints because it allows me to mix and blend to produce strong colors with light and shadows.

My love of nature and its magnificent creations causes a spiritual change in me. The many photos taken give me inspiration to paint a particular picture. We have vacationed in many states and national parks and I have become a critical photographer capturing the beauty and splendor of nature. I paint my version of what I see and interpret it on to canvas. I use pictures as an idea of what I want to paint and then come up with my interpretation or theme.

I am a Landscape Architect and the principles of design have helped me in painting with form, texture and color.

My enthusiasm for painting started many years ago. Since then I have taken many classes and it has given me the opportunity to work on composition, perspective, colors, lights and darks.

The medium I prefer is acrylic. My paintings vary between landscapes, seascapes, animals and birds and flowers.

I love it when I get lost in the painting process. When I stand back during this time, to look at my painting, I am happily surprised and delighted.

I frequent art galleries and have a collection of wonderful painting books that give me fantastic information, guidance and inspiration. Painting opened up a whole new world for me, and has given me an awareness and ability to be creative and paint using my imagination and feelings. I have taken thousands of photographs that I use as a reference when painting.